About Us

Lido Electrical Wholesale started way back in 1961 with very humble beginnings by the MacDonald brothers. In 50 years we have grown to become the largest independent Electrical Wholesaler.

In 2003 Lido JHB expanded its business by opening another branch in Strydom Park. Dean MacDonald the son of the founder director is running the operation and with his input Strydom Park branch has tuned out to be a tremendous success serving our customers at the highest level in this region as well.

Our approach to service is led by staff with a commitment to quality service and is under-written by the fact that the company is ‘owner’ run therefore ensuring a ‘hands-on’ approach by the Shareholders and Management to ensure the business is run as efficiently as possible and prompt corrective action can be taken where necessary.

One of the main benefits for most customers is our ‘availability’ of stock compared to our competitors and our delivery service which runs ‘daily’ into the main areas we serve in Gauteng and surrounding areas.